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Wonder if it's linked to Queuine Deficiency dysregulating tetrahydrobiopterin.

The heart cannot utilize phenylalanine appropriately when BH4 is dysregulated. Also why peroxynitrites build up causing arterial stiffening, calcification and scarring.

Cholestrol doesn't cause heart attacks, it's just trying to heal wounds, which is what it does. It's the unhealable calcified scars that is the problem.


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I want to reawaken and restore the network of genes involved in vitamin C production we had when a younger species.

Want to correct the drought flood responses in the terrible western diet, which causes epigenetic issues.

The body doesnt store it and use it at a constant rate, meaning you need slow release Vitamin C, or a constant supply; eating small amounts, constantly.


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Excess S-Nitrosylation blocks it's function in most cases. Mutation would be a rare exception.

We've know this for a while, but they have just shown an extra mechanism by which it happens.

It's why nitrogen pollution from exhaust fumes is linked to parkinsons.


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Excess S-Nitrosylation blocks it's function in most cases. Mutation would be a rare exception.

It's why Nitrogen pollution is linked to Parkinsons, and why things like Poppers are potentially quite dangerous.


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Mega dose is stupid. The body uses what it needs in the moment and excretes the rest.

Slow release Vitamin C, 24 hour slow release, is what you need.

Ancient humans had genes to produce their own constant low supply Vitamin C. These genes were lost or silenced.

This has lead to loss of epigenetic quality control, particularly in blood. As Vitamin C regulates a quality control gene called TET2, which is related to DNMT DNA methyltransferases.

Means we can mutate more and evolve quicker, but makes us more predisposed to cancer, oxidative damage, and dysfunction.

When we were monkeys eating lots of fruit, almost constantly, I guess our body thought it was a good trade-off.

Now with drought flood drought flood levels of Vitamin C in the modern diet, it's lead to epigenetic chaos.

Deficiency in Queuine, unpredictable Vitamin C and Folate levels leads to aberrant oxidation states in Tetrahydrobiopterin, for starters.

Loss of Mitohormensis, as one of a million things this leads to.


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Vitamin C regulates TET2, a gene that regulates epigenetic quality control in the blood.

It is so efficient, if you get a loss of function mutation of TET2, Vitamin C can replace its function, weirdly enough.

I'm on my phone so it's a hassle to link studies, but type Leukemia tet Vitamin C into a search engine. Some pop up pretty easily.

Vitamin C alone can treat some forms of Leukemia.

Some, not all. Don't expect it to be a miracle cure or anything.

It's weird, but ancient humans had the ability to produce Vitamin C from Glucose. Over time, through mutations and silenced genes, we became Vitamin C auxotrophs, requiring it from the diet.

The way we evolved our bodies do not stock pile it like oil and fat soluble vitamins, because we used to make what we needed on demand; there was no need.

Now, we use what we need in the moment and excrete the rest.

The loss of this Vitamin C producing capability lead to epigenetic instability. Means we can mutate and evolve faster, but also means we are more prone to cancer and dysfunction.

I've added a 24 hour slow release Vitamin C in its native form to a muscle wastage and anti aging protein powder I'm working on.


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You'd be surprised how they micro manage small sparks before they spiral into wild fires.

Watch Cosmos a Space-time Journey season 1. An episode called The Clean Room.

About the guy who discovered the Fossil Fuel Industry gave every child on the face of the earth lead poisoning, and sparked an international crime wave.

The Lengths the Public Relations Firms went to gaslight reality.

Most people don't know this even happened, because they went to such lengths to bury it and to control the Narrative.

Same PR firms work for Big Sugar and Big Tobacco. They have armies of bots and media men on their payroll.

One thing they know is how to shift reality and stop fires before they spread.


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Wait until I tell you the wonderful story of the Saturated Fatty Acid Palmitate. How it dysregulates Glucagen Like Peptides.

You see those expensive new diabetes drugs? All they do us switch back on GLP-1; which Palmitate, in high concentrations, switches off.

Now get this, the Government tells us to eat low fat foods to lose weight. But, low fat foods aren't a food group anymore because they cannot carry fat soluble vitamins.

How do they address this? They add Palm Oil or Palmitate as a carrier of fat soluble vitamins in low fat food and spreads like margarine. Especially those 'Cholestrol lowering' margarines (don't get me started on the lies around cholestrol)

They tell us to eat low fat foods to lose weight, and give us a nice big helping of metabolic disorder along with them. Chemically induced diabetes.

Like Cheshire Cats, the last thing you see are the Narcissistic smirks of Lobbyists disappearing into the shadows behind the politicians behind these regulatory guidelines.

P.S the sellers of Low Fat Palmitate Rich food have heavy investments in Insulin and Diabetes drug companies.

They know precisely what they are doing.


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They knew from 1908 to 1936. 100 human model studies 10s of thousands of animal model studies.

10% Sugar or fructose and 3% salt diet causes metabolic disorder and vasculature dementias.

They confirmed it all the way back then.


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Yes. They have always added it to food to make us eat more.

Uric acid is also an signalling molecule that tells us to pack on fat for winter. It activates the ARYL Hydrocarbon receptor, which blocks the function of the circadian genes that regulate metabolism.

Its how Bears and Squirrels pack on fat and prepare to hibernate.

Certain substances like Fructose trap us in a constant pre torpor like state. The government and food industries have known this since 1908-1936.

I've taken to calling the modern obesity epidemic GMMD. Government Mandated Metabolic Disorder.

It should really take off in the academic journals.


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Oh, and every single child on the face of the Earth was suffering lead poisoning due to anti knock additives in fossil fuels, which peaked under the boomers.

Extreme IQ loss and higher levels of impulse control disorders, violent and non violent crimes, and rare non genetic Narcissistic like behaviors.

The political elite created privatised prisons to make money from it.

P.S Rain water and river water now has unsafe levels of forever chemicals. Everywhere.

P.P.S The FDA just waved through 2000 cancer causing chemicals under Trump. So if we even get forever chemicals under control they have another plague lined up for us next generation.


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We are suffering an infertility epidemic due to exposure to chemicals that leech from plastics.

Recycled plastics release 10 times more of these chemicals, and are a a fossil fuel industry Psy-op to keep us using fossil fuels.

There are some studies hinting at the fact we may be infertile within 3 generations.

These chemicals also cause more hermaphroditic traits and shrunken genitals.

What a system we live under, and have reinforced with extreme violence, huh.


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Nah. It's a glass tube with a mag Lev vehicle inside of it.

Half the price of normal high speed rail. Less chance of floods, weather, or wildlife getting in the tube and causing damage or delays.

A start up company in Texas was one of the best contenders making them. I was analysing studies on the materials they used.