Darkmage4 t1_jeevyc7 wrote

Thank you! Been trying to figure this out for awhile! Obviously the Bluetooth volume is going to be all the way up when in the car. But the stereo can have it down low to the point it’s super quiet, and I’ll still get this notification. I never listen to my headphones that high anyways, and never get this notification. But in the car it’s constant, and super annoying.


Darkmage4 OP t1_jdfkiyb wrote

It’s a lot faster, utilizes ram a bit better making it really nice to use. My NVMe 2TB Samsung SSD is utilized even more. I boot up in 6 seconds with a few boot programs. Although, Nvidia is dropping the ball on their drivers lately for windows 11. But, other than that. It’s got tabbed windows now! So you can have as much window files open in 1 pane as you want.


Darkmage4 t1_j1pa5op wrote

Usually low brightness helps keep the burn in down. Also limiting your time on TikTok. If you spend 2-3 hours a day usually straight doom scrolling, it’ll burn in. I usually watch for 30 minutes with a low brightness, then go to another app for awhile with moving pictures throughout the entire screen or I would usually scroll Reddit for a bit to refresh the pixels in that area to something different.