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Don't even know where to begin. The entire Inner Harbor is jam-packed with cool stuff to do. The Aquarium is easily the most impressive I've ever been to. There are a bunch of old naval vessels docked there that you can tour. Harborplace Mall is right next to an ice rink. A few other personal favorite dining spots include Azumi sushi, the Thames Street Oyster Bar, and the James Joyce Irish Pub.


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People are either gonna call me nuts or make several pithy references to The Wire, but honestly, Baltimore. A REALLY nice harborfront hotel room can be had for barely $100 a night and there is wonderful shopping and dining. I highly recommend La Tavola in Little Italy (try the bechamel lasagna, it's life-changing) and Max's Taphouse in Fells Point (100+ draft beers).


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You've got a few options!

...if you'd like to check out a novel, The Left Hand of Darkness was my first, and what got me hooked, personally. I followed that with The Lathe of Heaven.

...if you'd like to check out some of her short stories, which are stellar, I'd suggest The Unreal and the Real, a big collection.

...if you'd like to check out an essay of hers you can read in a few minutes, enjoy! https://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/myl/IntroducingMyself.html

...and if you liked that essay, two of my favorite collections of hers are No Time to Spare and Words are My Matter.


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I live in the Cliffwood section of Aberdeen and frequent Matawan shops and restaurants constantly. Don't have kids but have heard very good things about the school system. I like the area because it's affordable and so quintessentially Jersey. Quick access to both the beach and NYC. Wonderful dining scene. No real complaints tbh.