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I don't remember where I learned it. Due to some glitch with wikidot or some hacker or something, 682 was deleted from the wiki for a short while. I saw some memes about afterwards on r/DankMemesFromSite19


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Dear O5-1,
Screw you. Your assassination attempt, your SCP-5999, failed. Screw your narrative. Let your world die and let more stories begin. Also I am stealing your Bright for fanfiction.
Go die,
The Darkstalker


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We were wrong. Every religion believed themselves correct. They never thought to think, why do other religions exist. 12 hours ago, every human on the planet was telepathically told the truth: they all existed, and now they're waging war against each other to ensure their apocalypse and fates come to fruition. They too, do not realize something. They've created a new apocalypse.


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I want a sequel where Braintrust hangs up his cowl because of his failure to save the lives of those children, and Noxus finds him in a bar when he goes to mourn the death of Phase Walker (Phazer would be a better name imo but it was your choice). I know this is most wishful thinking, so you do you.