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Not when you're talking about nuclear devices. People should understand what the realistic threats are. I agree that Putin does not want to get annihilated by a retaliation strike. So they would be much more subtle. No one would immediately know who to counter-strike against. There are at least 8 countries in the euro-African sphere that have nuclear weapons and some reason to want to use them.


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They don't have to drop a bomb out of an airplane. Every spy satellite in the Eastern hemisphere would see it coming. Conventional ICBM launches and Stratospheric bombers are easily tracked and could be destroyed before reaching target and also allowing time for retaliatory strikes.

No one is dropping or launching.


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There are at least 30 cinder cones that have come out of vents in my lifetime there in Hawaii. The volcanic system is very active and over geologic time you would expect to see lots of them. The ones you see at the saddle road area have not experienced ocean erosion and so once they pop up they stay for a long time. You're watching a mountain being formed.