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Genre at best is nothing but marketing and fashion anyway. In many cases, it's intertwined with race and basic tribalism at its most basic level.

It's all just arranged noise anyway, dance to what makes you want to dance. Be it EZ listening, the 6 o'clock news, or the rhythm of that off wheel on your shopping cart at the grocery store.


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Those of us paying attention have known plastic recycling has been a joke for decades.

Guaranteed you'll find articles on it in the archives of your local papers and zines from 20-30 years ago.


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They'd simply split the companies up. Pin the blame on one, but make/promote it to look profitable on paper at first, sell it off to investors, then bankrupt it.

The assumption that they'd play fair or not find a way to skirt responsibility is niave at best.


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Art is the manipulation of tech, philosophy, and socialital values for esthetic practices. So, in general, no. Though, it will likely change what we perceive as art.

Van Gogh never would have happened without portable premixed paint, the shifting philosophical attitudes of the role of the working class at the time, and the expanding wealth of the middle class due to early industrialization.

In music, MIDI and sampling have been around for decades, and despite this, people still play instruments, but those tech advancements are driving forces for entire genres of music never before possible.

Technology is simply another tool, and AI is no different. It will, however, like all art, change and reflect how we perceive the world around us.


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Costs my about $35 a month to keep it charged (6 year average).

Yes, I'm a low milage driver, clock in about 1/3 the national average (sources vary but 12,000 is what I'm using) but then 1/2 the national (US) drivers drive less than the average 33 miles a day.

Added: your link compares a home refrigerator, I specifically said a commercial gas station type case, which runs 24/7 and is constantly being catch up since it's opened and closed much more frequently, than home refrigerator.



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Doesn't really need to grow much.

As demand for oil drops, so does the massive amounts of power it requires for processing and delivery. I'm pretty confident my EV uses less electricity in a year than a soda/beer cooler in gas station does.

How many EVs can you charge with the power freed up for a refinery or port shutting down?