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I'm really suspicious of these claims. The products look really nice. Ocean harvested plastics are highly deteriorated from sun and salt exposure and contaminated with all types of crap including organic matter. They are a jumble of all types of plastics. Most products claiming recycled use are made from manufacturing scraps that are clean and composed of a single type of plastic.

There may be some process down the road which can reduce mixed plastics to elementary chemical compounds that can be refined and reused. We aren't there yet, but people are working on it.


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Man, what a fiasco. It's pretty amaing that people can use real time captioning devices but I can see why Lillias White made that mistake. I remember 40 years ago when a visiting professor from Bell Labs teaching a voice recognition class was telling us all the difficulties in performing that task and single speaker single word recognition was still 5 years in the future and speaker independent full flow sentences would be 20 years in the future. Now our phones do it easily and we don't even think about it.


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Has anyone here taken one yet? I think I saw one in San Francisco, but I guess they have an operator to monitor things and you have to be enrolled in a special program to take one. I guess they have fully autonomous taxis in Phoenix, which I suppose is less of a challenge than in San Francisco since no one walks anywhere there.


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There is actually a real ice 9 known as ice IX. Fortunately it doesn't have the same characteristic as Vonnegut's version. It exists at crazy low temperatures and super high pressures.


Ice exhibits at least eighteen phases (packing geometries), depending on temperature and pressure.