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All I’m gonna say is this, then I’m done interacting with you, I have better things to do with my time.

You’re only worried about your issues and your opinions and to busy trying to change other people’s minds and opinions. Which is a losing battle btw.

You have zero empathy for the issues facing pharmacists and the actual people, adding more responsibility to already short staffed companies (who won’t hire because it hurts their profit margins)

And with that, I’m done. Have fun clacking away into the Ether.


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You are not wrong. Last month I had a prescription filled but the pharmacy was so slammed with customers and short staffed the pharmacist lost my filled prescription. Took damn near 4 hours for him to find it…. It was in another customers script bag……

That being said the dude was upset and apologized profusely but I have a lot of respect for him because of how he handles angry customers.


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I actually really miss my time in Poland. The Polish troops were some of the chillest people I’ve ever met. We were stationed on a base that trained new recruits in artillery, so we got to watch the newbies train and grow.

Probably shouldn’t have to say this but I will; please don’t post your exact location in public forums. I’ve known several soldiers who did that in my unit, only for em to get reamed when the command found out