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Check out TriWire Engineering in Newtown. I did not have a record myself, but my boss there was pretty understanding about people who had past convictions. (i cannot say for certain it is still the case, this was in 2009ish)


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(years ago)One of the new "security guards" posted at a school got caught by IT looking at porn on his laptop. His position was at the main entrance. He would scan IDs of visitors an essentially man the door. A parent saw it on the screen as they walked by. I was tasked with "documenting" the computer. That was a wonderful dive into someone's sexual life....on a work machine.


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You can't go into it expecting the worst. This is Connecticut. Not rural Kentucky. Go in, ask for what you want, in a way that says "I'm here paying for your services" and either they are going to say, here's your chair (nearly 95 percent likely) or there's the door, which again, were in CT.

And if they are the kind of asshole that would refuse your business, tell them you wouldn't let those hack jobs touch your fabulous nails and walk out like a boss


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An odd nightmare situation would be sitting on a toilet that may be cracked or something and you fall as it crumbles. I remembered hearing a story once about someone it happened to and as they fell the porcelain sliced arteries in their legs. As I recall there was a picture of the stall aftermath to go with it but I cannot find it.