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  1. From my former understanding, I was under the impression that it was hardly happening in the fashion described. But now I can look into how this stereotype continued to present day.

  2. Are you aware that the search query does not turn up anything related to political hit job edits on Jewish candidates. This is mostly information I already know...the 12th century history of the big nose,1900s political comics, etc But, Now I can Google "Republican party edits noses of Jewish candidates." Because that is a phenomenon that I had no prior knowledge of. The concept of learning is a thing.


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I never denied it, I did say that I've never seen it or was told about it, but what you just told me is something NO ONE would notice unless it was pointed out to them. How could I google something I didn't even know?

You put forth nothing prior to that comment to give me any indication that was happening. You merely said "hey the nose thing is happening" but not why or how.

How can you research something with no leads? Unless you come across it while reading about something else.


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That is a better answer. See, I never noticed that any candidates' noses were enlarged in media. Now that I know that I can look into it and see how often it's happened and hopefully inform them of how much of an issue it is.

I'm dying on this hill because I think it's bullshit to expect someone to know something that they don't and have no way of knowing unless it's pointed out to them. Neither of us put forth any evidence(until you gave instances of where noses were enlarged), so we default to lived experiences and things we've read or logic and reason or things we've been told.


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Okay, tell me where you've seen it or Jewish folk you know have seen it? Because it's absent major media and anywhere I've been physically or online. The only thing I've seen here and there is that 1900s caricature of a Jew clasping his hands and with a long nose.

Anytime I've talked to the Jewish about racism and the like, I always ask about their experiences and what they have dealt with.


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I'm black. I've lived through hate. I can't even remember the last time I've seen big noses as a Jewish stereotype much less as an insult towards jews. What I have seen is straight up anti-semitism against Jews, use of slurs towards Jews and hateful post about Jews. So I think I know what I'm talking about, especially when I've spoken up everytime I've seen hate.

Maybe consider focusing on things that affect Jews more frequently than the whole nose thing. It's fallen out of favor.