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He went on the radio and bragged about his pro-life credentials after signing the law, so I think people are reacting to that as much as the actual law. The ban after 24 weeks is fairly reasonable imo, but bragging about signing the first ban in decades put a lot of people off.


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Most of the time I see accusations of corruption here, it's completely baseless. Affiliations and funding are public and have to be reported in the publication. Big Whoever is not buying out associate professors at state schools to publish in low impact journals.

Being skeptical means reading the article and evaluating it's merits. People seem to think it means rejecting everything by default, then looking for reasons to justify the assumption.


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You glossed over the part where a county attorney can decide the school has to defend their "this is bull" argument in court. It's an unnecessary burden that doesn't need to be there.

Obvious potential abuses should be fixed before passing a law, not after. They can submit a revised version and I'll reconsider my position, but I'm not going to pin my hopes on politicians doing the right thing after they have what they want.

Andy Dufrense was a fictional character. It's fitting that you would use him as an argument for who this law would help.


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Your post sounds like you think this bill is a good idea with some flaws. I hope I misread it, but your example of the possible upside is straight out of the fear mongering playbook. Hyperbole aside, what books are you worried about? Are there examples of schools in NH stocking inappropriate books? I haven't read anything, thus why I call it unfounded fear mongering.

If you find something objectionable in the school library, start with a conversation. We don't need a law to protect us from a made up scenario.


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It provides a way for any parent to waste schools' time and resources by filing a bogus complaint and forcing the school to have a hearing. Spare us the pearl clutching about "they could read 50 shades of gray." That's about as real as students using litter boxes at school. Blatant unfounded fear mongering.

This bill is designed to hurt public education under the guise of parental rights.


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The only intervention was they had to isolate the viruses in order to be sure that they were the cause of infections in the amoeba cultures. That's what they mean by reviving. They isolated it, infected cells, which then infected other cells.

Most viruses don't have to be isolated to become infectious, and some are pretty good at crossing species.