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You brought it up. Legalizing and taxing weed will bring in revenue (hopefully we agree on that much) so the question is then which system will be the most effective. I think private ownership is better (in part because it can be implemented now), you appear to be on the side of eventual state ownership.

Dismissing the debate with hyperbole and arguments that I never made is lame and unproductive.


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I'm not quite sure what your point is. The status quo works fine for me, but we could be bringing in more revenue (and supporting local businesses) by making a change that has massive public support.

Adults in other states have figured out how to sell and tax weed without a state monopoly on sales. I think holding out for federal changes is just giving money to other states; money that could be improving our roads, schools, etc. right now.


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There's no guarantee it will work as well as liquor stores since production and distribution don't work the same. Prices are more variable and there's more local production so there's no Coors or Jack Daniels that we can always sell for cheaper.

In the absence of national brands, people are building loyalty to stores instead. Some of them even have loyalty programs and give away weed when you hit a certain mark. The longer we wait, the stronger the loyalty.

The state can still tax weed sales just like every other state. We are actively losing out on that revenue. It doesn't make sense to keep waiting on the basis that it might generate more revenue for the state.

It robs local entrepreneurs of the chance to open a dispensary and start a business. I would rather see the economic benefit go to people than government.

I've also never seen a quote or official statement that this is why they are waiting. Reddit seems pretty convinced, but idk.


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Given the scope if what they were measuring, this is huge. More or bigger sites would have taken an army to process the images and check all the traps.


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It was a thing for me in grade school (I think that's what they mean) because the books had to last for at least a decade. We had to have paper covers to protect them (or maybe just hide years of damage idk).


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Also, you never actually even said you have evidence to the contrary (let alone provide any). Just straight in with the personal attacks. You had the chance to win the argument with one link, but here we are instead.


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The only thing you did was enter your number into a form online somewhere.

I read something about new regulations around call spoofing being the cause. They aren't actually in NH, but they can disguise their number to look like it. If you lived somewhere else, they would look local to that area.


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Depends on the call, but I think this usually works. Back in the day I worked in a call center and we loved people that would stay on the line. Sales calls are rated by how long they keep you on the line (the assumption being that more time is more chances to sell) but scammers want gullible people.