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>Well, in a way yes, and in the video where Emienm breaks down this type of rhyming

It's called a slant rhyme, and the way you make it work is usually to use several more of them. It's like a quick re-training of the ear to accept these imperfect rhymes more readily because the pattern is more obvious.


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>Right, but engine braking reduces the excess energy leftover once the tires would start skidding,

Again, it doesn't. Think about where the energy for revving up your engine comes from when you're engine braking... It's the wheels rotating against the road, which via the driveshafts make the gears in your gearbox rotate, which via the clutch will turn your engine over.

If you have a motorbike, you can try this out relatively easily - apply rear brake until just before you lock the rear wheel, and then downshift. You'll see that your rear wheel will lock. It has happened to me.


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>Engine breaking transfers the energy of you moving into engine rotations instead of via the wheels to the road

This is the part you're getting wrong. When you're engine braking, you're still using the friction between the wheels and the road to transfer kinetic energy - only into the engine instead of the brake discs.

The wheels and road play the same role in both cases - the road is your frame of reference for how much kinetic energy you need to shed, and the wheels are your contact point with it. So in both cases, the friction between wheels and road is the initial limiting factor. And if you can break that limit with your brakes alone, there's no use for any engine braking.


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> it’s impossible to obtain any concrete fact from this si auction because it’s just open to so many uncontrollable variables.

Point to you. In the meantime I did some googling on the terminal velocity of cats and how long it takes them to reach it, and found varying statements ranging from 60mph @ 4 stories to 45mph @ 7 stories... So if we go with the extreme of 4 stories and 60mph, it could be reasonable that cats who fall longer would be able to control their fall better and actually reduce their initial terminal velocity that they reached in an uncontrolled fall.
It still sounds a bit extreme to me that a cat would need this long to reach its "ideal falling" position, given how quickly they can actually position themselves in the air during very short falls.

In the end, I guess I have to concede that my speculation and evidence really isn't any better than yours. Anyway. Thanks for keeping the discussion civil, have a good one!


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apart from my speculation and evidence being based in common sense and something that everybody with a cat in their house can reproduce, there is this bit...


>in fact, the most dangerous height they can hurt themselves is

emphasis by me

>my speculation

no emphasis needed, I guess.


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Yep, that's all correct, but it's pretty obviously not the part of your comment that the other commenters and I were referring to, which was:


>In fact, the most dangerous height they can hurt themselves is between 4-5 stories because it’s high enough for them to get hurt, but not high enough to position themselves.


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It's quite simple:

This kind of statistic can't prove anything because you're only looking at a certain type of outcome. You're not recording how many cats die on impact.

Example:Say you throw 100 cats out of a 5th story window, and 50 survive without harm, 20 die and 30 get sent to the vet with various degrees of injuries. End result: 100 falls, 30 hospitalizations.

Now you throw 100 cats out of a 15th story window - 20 survive without harm, 70 die and 10 get sent to the vet. End result 100 falls, 10 hospitalizations.

If you only look at "number of total falls vs hospitalizations", it would seem that falls from the 15th story are safer.

It's also quite a strange claim that 4-5 stories high isn't enough time for the cat to prepare itself for impact when they can actually right themselves within like a meter and change of free fall, as countless cat videos on the internet will show.


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I don't know man. If a child can hold a cat in their arms belly up, drop it and the cat will land feet-first, I somehow doubt that "a couple of stories high" is somehow not enough time for the cat to right itself and prepare for the impact.


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I'd say it's fine to have it materialize quickly... I'm seeing it as a quick action, perhaps even a one-button thing: materialize the sword and strike.
What I would do is let the purple materializing effect carry on into the strike, perhaps never have the weapon go fully grey.