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But there was also a scene where they were exchanging anecdotes about their (terrible) first dates following difficult breakups, and she was mortified when he casually mentioned that he slept with his date anyway. And of course when they slept together when she was upset over her ex getting engaged, she thought it meant much more than he did. So to me she was portrayed as a "one note prude" ... except for that single "I'll have what she's having" scene.


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I don't know...I always felt that Harry scene, while funny, was so out of character for Meg Ryan's "Sally." I honestly don't know anyone that would do that in a public place just to make a point. But Sally in particular struck me as way too prudish to do it. '

So it actually makes sense that it wasn't written in the script.


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But...the human body experiences "typical" observable reactions to extreme cold (and a complete lack of oxygen), but that doesn't mean we were once spacefarers. The body reacts to being violently struck, but that doesn't mean we were once boxers or hockey players...?


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Time. It's cliched, but it just takes time. Take comfort in the fact that (I think it's safe to assume) you gave him the best life you could on every day you had him. Hopefully your family understands that YOU need THEM to step up for a little bit. TBH, it's good experience for them to learn to take care of some things for themselves. I mean, what would they do if you had to leave for some reason (school, career opportunity, fresh start somewhere else)?