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It’s always best to tell your kids the truth, particularly if they are anxious people. They really need to be able to trust you. Just tell the truth. A very sad thing has happened to your Uncle, he died unexpectedly. I just had to tell my nieces this when my daughter died unexpectedly a few months ago. A heart attack at 28, natural causes. It was very hard, but telling them the truth allowed me to answer their fears and questions with the truth. I am sorry for your loss.


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I disagree. I get completely off sugar when I gain weight. The quick way to success is 5 days completely sugar free. No sugar substitutes, no sugar free cola. It’s VERY hard the first couple of days, the mind stomach sugar romance is very strong, scary really when you understand how terrible sugar is for you. But I swear, when the craving is gone, it is completely gone. I walk past sweet things and cannot even remember why I liked it or ever ate so many freaking sweet things in a day.