DaudyMentol t1_je1kqtw wrote

From what i heard it depends heavily on mdoels. Flagships get a lot more support (ofcourse) for longer time. Also since when frequent uodates = good policy? I mean yes more frequent updates usually means more care but quality updates are what matters the most. Quality > frequncy > no updates at all.

Anyways i have no dog in this fight i was just talking about what i know / heard.


DaudyMentol t1_jdz8dm6 wrote

Maybe i know that their current flagship is 2021 design and it still gets uodates. This december it got updated to android 13 (it started at 11) and it still got updates after that so... Idk man i just know when it comes to Sony they have pretty solid track record with this. They dont churn out new model every year or two so when they make a phone they usually try to do their best.