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Season 1 released on DVD/BD in 2018. S2 came out on DVD only in September 2020.

In January 2020, SDS Media was formed as a joint venture of Warner (then owned by AT&T) and NBCUniversal (owned by Comcast) to release all physical media from those studios for at least 10 years. Warner always released DVDs, BDs, and 4K UHDs from HBO, so all HBO items were then put out by SDS.

If SDS chooses not to release a title on physical media into traditional brick&mortar stores, then the studio can choose to work with Allied Vaughn - the foremost North American distributor of Manufacture On Demand content - to release the item as an MOD title available exclusively online.

AV even has their own webstore, called MovieZyng, to ensure that every title they sell can be purchased (even if other sellers like Amazon or Deep Discount or whoever decide not to offer it).


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House of the Dragon. His Dark Materials. Winning Time: The Rise of the L.A. Lakers. Perry Mason. Westworld. The Undoing. Lovecraft Country.

And that's just HBO. Want to look at other Warner-related Blu-rays that aren't HBO? Peacemaker. Doom Patrol. Titans. Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal. Superman & Lois. The Flash. Naomi. Legends of Tomorrow. Batwoman. Supernatural. Doctor Who. Coming out this coming Tuesday: Filmation's 1968 The Adventures of Batman. Coming out a month after that: the complete series of Duck Dodgers. All on Blu-ray Disc.

u/el_filipo (OP) - Since S1 came out on both DVD and Blu-ray, but S2 and S3 of Succession only came out on DVD, it's quite possible that an MOD (Manufacture On Demand) release of Succession S2 and also S3 will happen eventually. It was just announced that S4 will be the final season, right? So maybe to tie in with that? We'll see.


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Reply to comment by drupoxy in Worst TV show intro? by khanmo01

Now see, I never skip that one. I sing along with it. I put a copy of the full song on my iPhone along with other theme songs (True Blood, Roswell, Smallville, etc.) so I can enjoy it once in a while as I'm driving around. Everybody's taste in music can be different, though.


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Yep, that's all it is, and while it's nothing special...I thought it was fine. Nothing to hate on, surely. I guess OP doesn't agree, but that's fine. People can have different tastes and opinions.

I really don't have any show intros that I "hate" or think are "the worst"; there are a small handful that are never-skips because they are so good. The rest are easily eligible to be skipped after a while because you get tired of them. Even the opening to "The Facts Of Life" can wear you down after a while, lol.


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It's a pretty good show, and was the framework for all the shows which came later on The CW from Greg Berlanti (Arrow was created just as they were deciding to end Smallville). Also, the two main showrunners for Smallville are the pair who teamed up with Tim Burton for the recent Wednesday series on Netflix.

But mainly keep in mind that this is Clark's pre-superman days. The rule of thumb was "no flight; no tights": there's only a couple of times that Clark flies, and he's never in the Superman outfit until the very VERY end.

But he's not isolated unto himself: you'll see other well-known DC Comics characters show up. Including Green Arrow, played by Justin Hartley...who wanted to star in Arrow, but was turned down as they wanted Arrow to NOT be a spin-off of Smallville (good thing, too, for fans like me of This Is Us!).

Somebody suggests watching the first episode and deciding from there. I would suggest at least the first FOUR episodes. It gives you a good idea of what the show will be like beyond the initial design, and also here's a hint: Episode 4 is called "X-Ray"...Clark gets a new power! 😎


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> Antenna TV plays full Carson episodes, but often replace music and musical acts.

I watch those sometimes. The musical acts by guests are usually totally edited out.

I also own a few different Carson mega-sets on DVD. The music is usually intact there (leading to higher costs), but there are also cheaper releases with few discs (1 to 3) with the same music edits as the TV airings on Antenna.


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Okay, I'll pretty much date myself here: I watched Scooby-Doo and Super Friends for the most part. I remember when the original Star Trek cartoon came on. Shazam! and Isis. Schoolhouse Rock. Josie and the Pussycats. Hong Kong Phooey. Space Academy and Jason of Star Command. Stuff like that! :)


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As I said elsewhere, plans changed due to COVID. I suggest you read these:

Between the pandemic delays, and the decision by Chibnall and Whittaker to make a pact that both would leave after S13 (necessitating a pause in production while the BBC searched for a new showrunner and new cast), the clock ran out on the HBO Max license.

Those licenses are based on a calendar deadline. They PRESUME a certain number of seasons will get made before that deadline. But the license (and the contract which forms it) isn't about the number of seasons, or number of episodes. It's about the calendar date on which it expires. It expired, and that's that.

You're clearly only upset about this because you have an HBO Max subscription, and not one for Disney+ (and don't want to get one).

Complaining about the situation on Reddit won't change the situation. The next episodes will be on Disney+, not HBO Max. And that's that.


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ALL that I can do in response is point you toward the official BBC press release about it, which includes the following language:

> LONDON, UK (Oct. 25, 2022) – Today the BBC and Disney Branded Television - two giants of entertainment - have come together to transform Doctor Who into a global franchise for UK audiences and the rest of the world.
> Under a shared creative vision, they will deliver this quintessentially British show to future generations on an unprecedented scale with Disney+ as the exclusive home for new seasons of Doctor Who outside the UK and Ireland. The announcement – which was made this morning by the next Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa, during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan - begins a new collaboration between BBC and Disney Branded Television.
> Both partners have aligned under returning showrunner Russell T Davies' bold vision, who takes control of the TARDIS in 2023. He was responsible for Doctor Who's revival in 2005 and is credited with propelling the show into one of TV's biggest hits.
> > The new episodes will premiere on the BBC and Disney+ beginning in late 2023 for fans all over the world.
> The show will be produced in Wales by Bad Wolf with BBC Studios Production.
> ...Notes to Editors:
> The new episodes of Doctor Who will return to screens in November 2023 to coincide with the 60th anniversary and will premiere exclusively on the BBC for the UK and Ireland. David Tennant will play the Fourteenth Doctor for three specials, before Ncuti Gatwa takes over the role as the Fifteenth Doctor over the festive season.

Key takeaways here:

  • "Disney+ as the exclusive home for new seasons of Doctor Who outside the UK and Ireland"
  • "Both partners have aligned under returning showrunner Russell T Davies' bold vision, who takes control of the TARDIS in 2023"
  • The new episodes will premiere on the BBC and Disney+ beginning in late 2023 for fans all over the world.
  • The new episodes of Doctor Who will return to screens in November 2023 to coincide with the 60th anniversary...for three specials, before Ncuti Gatwa takes over the role as the...Doctor

MEANWHILE, the original BBC press release about HBO Max and Doctor Who from August 1, 2019 (before HBO Max launched) only talks about Seasons 1-11, and a vague statement about "future seasons" that only specifically mentions Season 12.


> MAX should have everything til series 14 which includes the 2023 specials.

I've been a professional entertainment writer for the last 15 years, and have grown up being a Doctor Who fans (so always kept an eye out for anything about that). I won't claim to be fanatical about it, but on the other hand if I had seen something claiming that HBO Max had rights through S14, I think I'd remember that. But no, I can't say I ever saw any entity (BBC, HBO, Warner, industry periodicals like Variety, etc.) post anything - credible or otherwise - claiming that DW S14 was specifically going to be found at HBO Max. Do YOU have a link to something which states that's the case?

EDIT: this wording of yours keeps coming back to me:

> MAX has til series 14 and the specials are before. The contract was til series 14

According to who? Where did you get that information?

EDIT 2: okay, I've searched around a bit. There was never any press release to this effect. Back on October 29, 2019, Warner held a "WarnerMedia Day" event to announce the launch of the HBO Max service for the following May 2020. All the details of the "10,000+ hours of programming" were gone over during that time. There was never anything printed (as in, a press release) which stated about "3 more seasons of Doctor Who," but during the part of the event which covered BBC shows on HBO Max, they led with DW and showed artwork for all 11 then-current seasons. The announcement which was casually made on the stage was that they had "locked in for 3 more seasons." Observers of that event reported it as tweets, or else on their websites. But we're talking smaller, less-well-known websites like "broaDWcast.org" and "comicon.com". I can't find evidence that this was even reported at well-known and globally popular DW fans sites such as DoctorWhoNews.net!

SO, WHAT HAPPENED SINCE THEN? The pandemic. Any plans to have all three seasons done in time for 2022 went out the window when COVID-19 hit. It's honestly amazing that they had two more seasons done so far (even if one of them was only a half-dozen episodes). I could compare this to the plans Chef Gordon Ramsay had for opening restaurants in the USA: in June 2019 he struck a deal with a private equity firm, Lion Capital, to form the entity called Gordon Ramsay North America, and open 100 restaurants across the United State by the end of 2024. After the Covid pandemic shut down restaurants and curbed building of new ones, the deal was officially revised to "75 total new restaurants in the USA between 2022 and 2026." He's only up to 19 so far, and that's after the Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips shop opens in Time Square, NYC, either this coming weekend or next. Lots of shit changed thanks to the coronavirus! I'm sure the Doctor Who deal on HBO Max was affected in a similar way. And if that deal wasn't in a press release or reported on in a high-handed manner, then there were probably tons of contingencies in that deal ("assuming all three seasons get made by this date"; "assuming the show gets renewed for those seasons"; "assuming Jodie and Chibnall are still part of the show for those seasons"; etc.). If those contingencies changed, then the deal changed.

So I think that's your answer, mate. :)


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Season 13 is the most recent season (the 6 episodes in the "Flux" arc), and for HBO Max purposed it includes the post-Flux specials Eve Of The Daleks and then Legend Of The Sea Devils. For me (I'm in the USA), those can be watched right now.

"Season 13" ought to include The Power Of The Doctor, the special which recently aired, and which finished with the Doctor's new regeneration...but only after a reasonable period has passed after its broadcast. But that ought to go onto HBO Max.

In November 2023 (a year from now) there will be 3 specials to celebrate the show's 60th anniversary. THOSE ought to be the first ones which begin streaming on Disney+, rather than HBO Max.

AFTER that, in 2024, we ought to get the new 14th Season of the show, with the new Doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa (with his new companion, Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson). That will be on Disney+ for sure.

I don't expect ANY of the Doctor Who material on Disney+ to also be available on HBO Max. And, as soon as the current contract with BBC and Warner/Discovery (which owns HBO) expires, I expect that all the "NuWho" (Doctor Who from 2005 onward) to move off of HBO Max and onto Disney+.


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I'm not at all religious. I don't enjoy TbaA. Or 7th Heaven, for that matter. On the other hand, I totally enjoy other shows with religious premises and/or themes. Highway to Heaven, I can take it or leave it. Joan of Arcadia is excellent. Amen was a fun sitcom. For that matter, The Righteous Gemstones is terrific.


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A good actor, and I'm sorry he's gone at a young age. :(

But I'm never sure why they use headlines like this. He was in ONE episode of The X-Files, and I think in 3 of SG-1. He had a TON of voice roles, and was in a dozen episodes of The Fringe.

Why not say in the headline, "Michael Kopsa, 'Fringe' Actor and Voice Artist, Dies at 66" instead?


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Langly, Frohike, and Byers were characters ("The Lone Gunmen") who would occasionally appear on The X-Files. They were spun off into their own show called The Lone Gunmen, and when that show was cancelled they would return to The X-Files for an episode called "Jump The Shark," which finishes the cliffhanger the spin-off ended on. They also appeared in the second film "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" as well as in the continuation of The X-Files series (Seasons 10 & 11).


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u/FreshYoungBalkiB - well, the DC menu is up, and it looks like it's just fish, chicken, and shrimp for now.

NO sausage! And NO lobster! 😱

And the basic Fish & Chips combo that's $14.99 (add $3.49 for a soft drink) in Orlando and $17.99 (price includes a fountain drink) in Vegas is costing $16.99 (add $3.99 for a soft drink) in DC! But that's still cheaper than the $18.50 (add $3 for a soft drink) they charge in Cherokee, I guess.

Strange how the coastal cities of Washington DC and Orlando (and Cherokee, which is in a coastal state) end up costing you more for fish than does the desert city of extravagance, Las Vegas! And why no lobster in DC?!?!?


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> at the Las Vegas location you can't get fish and chips without a soda

It's more like "in Vegas we charge you $3 more for the basic F&C combo, but at least we'll through in a soda with that...hope you like Pepsi, because you can't get Coke in any restaurant on the Vegas Strip!" (I know, I've tried!). If you want a different drink, like a craft lemonade, you'll pay extra.
> but you can get battered sausage, which you can't at Orlando

100% true. Las Vegas has Fish, Chicken, Shrimp, Lobster, and Sausage. Orlando has all of that except the Sausage.

Last year, for a limited time, Orlando had a mini-Wellie (Beef Wellington) available, but it was met with various levels of praise and criticism.

The "GR Fish & Chips" station at the Gordon Ramsay Food Market (food court) at the Harrah's Cherokee Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina (in the Smoky Mountains) also limits you to fish, chicken, shrimp, and lobster, per their menu.

Someone's going to have to say what the new F&C there in DC offers! :)