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Maybe doing these tasks puts you in a meditative headspace that's hard to achieve with your SO at home? That happens to me all the time. Idk if it's my ADHD or what, but it's soooo much easier to stay focused and maintain momentum when I'm all alone and know I won't have to change gears for a while.


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And if you're a singer, straight up learn to read music. Otherwise the instrumentalists will pick on you: and they'll be right to do it. No one wants to coddle your lack of diligence


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And then everyone clapped, right? As if parents wouldn't ask why a stranger touched their child.

I was a churchgoer at a variety of parishes for more than 20 years and never once saw someone bring tools to a service. Ever. What leaky pipe are they fixing while ATTENDING CHURCH?


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Depends on the depth of the bite, apparently.

I'm just relaying what I was told by the doctors--fully admit I have no formal expertise on the subject. Just 3 (our fourth recently passed) furbabies of my own.


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Cat mouths are extremely dirty, and have lots of bacteria that's harmful to humans. A cat bite can very easily get infected and cause huge complications. My partner once got bit on the hand in her sleep by one of ours, and the doctors in the ER told her she might've lost part of the hand if she'd come in a day later.