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>It’s a fuel, and when mixed with oxygen in the right proportions and ignited, it will explode.

That means it's combustible, doesn't necessarily mean it's explosive. If any combustible material mixes with air and fills a room with an ignition source it will flashover and cause an explosion. But to say sugar is an explosive implies you could put a match to a bag of sugar and it'll go boom. So no, sugar is not "explosive."


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How did you twist the words around in your head to think that comment is at all bigoted? It's 100% true. Christians don't follow all the rules in the bible, but rather choose which ones are the important ones based on what they're told is important. It is a fact. How is that a spiteful take?


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From the article you linked:

>....more cases being tossed out by judges because witnesses didn’t show up in court.

So if the cops don't show up to court, how can the DA not drop the case? The police are trying to make the DA look bad instead do doing the actual fucking jobs. Bootlickers like you can't even read the articles you link, you just assume it proves your incorrect viewpoint.