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I wasn't saying yes or no. And you basically just affirmed my statement. I was saying there are multiple versions across the entire hellenistic period. And not one version is the true or original that we can absolutely say for a fact is the first.


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Look for it on Gamivo or cdkeys.com first. They are legit just make sure ur buying the steam version. If you get the wrong one. Do not open it and look at the code. Just leave it there and email them.


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They've remastered Battlezone Combat Commander. It's 20 bucks. Technically it is the sequel and a very different game. The first game is the American vs the Russians I this solar system. I don't remember where the second game takes place. But it's between the humans and the biometals https://store.steampowered.com/app/624970/Battlezone_Combat_Commander/


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I can definitely see how Australia helped craft her world. In so few worlds. She transported us to a toned down grimdark world that was full of fantasy. I absolutely loved her books. And they are short at that. She packed so much detail into them. But didn't waste time trying to make it into Harry Potter or something. I'd have loved this way more than HP to if it were movies.


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This was a really good series. The first series revolves around the stone that have to be recovered to reforge the Deltora Belt. Which banished the shadowlord back to the shadowland in the north. Each gem in the belt had magical abilities. And the evil guardian protecting it they had to defeat also was magic and Jack up in some. They were very like dark and fantastical book. The second series revolves around their quest to find the dragons of Deltora. And then the 3rd series has them actually going into the shadow lands to defeat the shadowlord or something. But the books have a very morbid dark magical the gathering kinda feel to it. Like one of the monster is this raptor shaped creature. It has like knives for fingers. And long straight sharp teeth fit into a rounded head only slits for what looks like nose holes. No visible eyes yet it can see. It talks in riddles and limericks and if you answer it wrong it bights off your fingers. Fantastic children's books. I fuckin loved them. Sadly I lost my book in a house fire.

Oh there are also plants that are just tunnel down into the ground, filled with teeth that want to swallow you. They are scarlet red and gorgeous. Very deceptive.

I had all the books as a kid. Sadly I had a house fire tho.


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I would definitely wanna read or hear more about the aftermath of Mt Saint Helen's. I have vial that has some of the ashes from the eruption.


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The cause of these crevices is a geothermal drilling operation in 2007 that went awry. To harness geothermal energy, the drillers had to perforate a layer of groundwater and a separate layer of anhydrite, a water-free chemical substance. Unfortunately, this process inadvertently increased the amount of pressure in the ground below Staufen, which allowed the groundwater to bleed into the anhydrite.

The resulting chemical reaction formed gypsum, which caused Staufen’s ground to swell by up to five inches, depending on the exact location. Although the local government has taken steps to mitigate this problem, the rising ground has reached a point of no return and continues to rise at a rate of about one centimeter per year.