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Many of these places are zones of historical conflict and that is a cause. Rome defeats Carthage and tears the place down, that in ancient times. Several sieges in documented historical times cause much damage to the Parthenon, and other sites.


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Actually, it will increase the cost of production.

Say you make and sell widgets. The fixed costs of the mortgage, property taxes, electricity, fuel, and the like will not change if you produce 1000 widgets or 500.

Therefore, you have to raise prices to cover the fixed expense you pay per month and therefore the cost per each rises.

The bank and city governments are not cutting the chicken farmers a break because they have 25,000,000 less birds. They expect their bills to be paid each month.


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Warm socks and a hat. Dress in layers that can come on or off as the weather needs. Have an extra set of winter clothes in the car in case of emergency. Enjoy the weather!