DeMalgamnated t1_jd8cjut wrote

yeah i don't really see many russian soldier families giving a toss about who they killed.

too brainwashed that they are protecting the motherland.

still boggles the mind how blind and deaf the russian population is to what their people are doing over the border.

i hope they mobilise all the brainwashed fools and they learn the truth.


DeMalgamnated t1_j9zpewl wrote

you know i do think that the reason why we have 24/7 news is because only a small % of the "news" is actual news. the rest is just repeated stuff and bullshit like this.


if they just stuck to reporting real news only, there would be not much news.


same goes for reddit news subs, it's mostly reposts, repeated article posts.


DeMalgamnated t1_j9chana wrote

hasn't shrunk as much as putin's shriveled dwarf cock that shares an uncanny likeness to lavrovs saggy face.

i bet the stolen goods industry is booming in russia right now though with all the stuff they've looted so far from ukraine.

russia's economy is like a damp sock floating in a pool of ass juice.