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Anecdote: My GF snores hella loud, she is also dumb as a box of rocks and can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago, but she would fight a gorilla for me and is a really good cook, so its all good.


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There are different philosophies; for some a life's value is determined by output, for some it's impact, for others life has innate value regardless of impact or output. It's not an exhaustive list, but if I can generally find where someone lands on the continuum between those three then you can frame almost any argument to the benefit of what motivates the listener.


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I got my 87yo, republican Father to admit universal healthcare would be a good thing because I framed it as an investment in the health of the population, which would be more productive as a result, and make America's economy stronger.


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From what I know, and I'm not defending it by any means, I don't know enough to go either way, but wasn't it the case here that the migrants requested transport to those cities? Not just a media stunt like from out of TX or FL.



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I agree, and I think that's where most of us land, but there was a general sentiment in 2020 that proper due-diligence would get in the way of getting the money out in time to make a difference. There was always an assumption that there would be some amount of grift, but now with the realization that the grift was worse than expected, the general sentiment seems to be that it wasn't the wisest course of action.