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Except that IBS is a big pot doctors throw people into when they don’t have any other easy answers. Some studies suggest a massive overlap with SIBO which really puts into question if this isn’t a mine field of misdiagnosis and lack of fundamental understanding of what’s going on in these patients.

I experienced exactly this first hand until now.


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Directly linking the nerve pathway to a syndrome like IBS is risky in my mind. IBS diagnosises are given out like candy as well as a buffet of different treatments, and then saying "you likely have IBS, try repressing your main channel between gut and brain" seems like a recipe for longer term health issues.

Not saying the study is bad or the conclusions about the importance of this pathway, but the immediate treatment links that a title like this suggests are not so great.

I say this as someone that suffers from IBD, likely recurrent SIBO, and possibly some IBS mechanism separate to the former 2 issues. No matter what treatment I receive, I still have constant recurrent pain, but I would still be hesitant to inhibit this pathway directly...