DebbiesUpper t1_jac92e3 wrote

I would seriously consider what it is that you want to come from this. Bringing it up could cause negative energy, would that be worth it? Can the mistake be corrected without you looking petty?

I’d suggest letting this one go and take serious note of what happened to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

When I come up with great ideas, I like to be the one to explain it at the meeting. If someone starts to speak before me, I just wait for a moment to jump in. Normally they will take a second to think about something important, where as you already know the idea front and back. Should be easy to jump in and take control. Also, you could say something about how you came up with the idea in a non braggadocios way. Ex: when coming up with this idea I had to think long and hard about with it is that the customers really want and how they could use this process later in life.

Take the path of least resistance, most of the time you get to where you want to be quicker.