Deceased_Puppy t1_iqzb56l wrote

Absolutely. For someone else who has thousands of packs under their belt and it’s usually under $10. They finish in like 10 minutes what took me 45-60 minutes and they don’t break a sweat.

My instructors all flew canopies about a third of the size of the one I was renting. Since there was literally 1/3 the fabric, not only was their finished pack job tiny it also looks like they’re folding blankets.


Deceased_Puppy t1_iqyopip wrote

It really depends where you go. I got my license and only did 50 jumps but always had multiple gear checks. One before getting on the plane. One before reaching altitude. Sometimes one more before the door opens.

The guys with thousands of jumps may look like they’re doing sloppy packs but really they’ve just done it so much they make it look easy. My pack jobs took 100x more effort because I sucked and my opening were rougher. I always paid $5-10 for someone else to do it if I could.