Decuriarch t1_j94jwp0 wrote

Some of these people are so far up their own asses it's ridiculous, they have no connection with reality at all.

"Have they tried non-violent sit ins?" What the fuck? This is a country where girls have had acid thrown in their faces merely for attending school. There are videos of women being shot in the street when the crackdowns against women first began after the US pulled out.

Not to mention as a diplomat to Afghanistan she should know how incredibly racist Afghanistan is before saying they should take inspiration from black people in America. I worked extensively with Afghanis and had grown ass men refuse to sit next to a woman in their office because her skin was too dark, she looked Indian and they didn't want to sit next to a black woman. And they called her a slut because she wore jeans. They also refused to sit next to a man from the North because he looked Chinese. And then she tags Beyonce in her tweet?


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Not really, it became very evident after the USSR fell that most of their "power" was just smoke and mirrors. We thought they were ahead of us in the space race, when they really weren't. They never had parity with the US, they just also had nukes and knew how to cast a large shadow. Putin was just emulating the past.