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I think a bigger long term problem is the power load and sourcing the electricity. Right now about 40-50% of DC’s power comes from non-renewable and non-nuclear sources. Electric busses and cars are useless if we are burning more gas to power them. It just a cosmetic solution to carbon emissions


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I think the sentiment is still valid. The idea that whats happening now is still better then when DC was the murder capital is frequently cited on these posts. But that ignores the intervening years including recent history when carjackings, violent assaults, robberies and murders were much much lower. Living through a trough makes it painful to live near a peak. People can feel how much of this doesn’t have to happen. Couple that with opiates and tranquilizers that are so powerful rehabilitation and maintenance therapy doesn’t even seem like a viable public health option, it just doesn’t seem like its getting better anytime soon.


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I don’t disagree with you that there are very concentrated areas especially of loosely organized crime related gun homicides. But the net of shootings and car jackings is relatively wide. Wards 1 2 and 4 also see an increasing amount of homicides. Theres only a handful of neighborhoods where crime is nearly absent in DC (thinking crestwood, palisades, kalorama). Sure brightwood and petworth are less deadly areas then past the river, but they aren’t safe in the everyday sense. Like when I lived in Boston and Philadelphia, serious violent crime just didn’t really happen often in most places. It was very highly concentrated in a few areas. The absolute numbers are more important I think then relative numbers when they are this high


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Or in a car. Or have property that isn’t on a military base. Or get deliveries to your home. Or are a representative. Or a city councilor. Or a family hanging out in front of your home when someone with a gun scooters into you in Shaw. Or if you are at andy’s pizza on 18th st getting pizza on the wrong night. Or on a date night near le diplomate and caught in a crossfire. Etc etc. pointing out a problem exists that shouldn’t feels better then ignoring it completely