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Tax advantaged accounts have limits. If you live within your means and sacrifice the newest trend you can hit those limits. When you hit those limits, your savings go into taxable accounts. Additionally a 401K style account wasn't available for the first 10ish years of my career so all I had available was the Roth IRA which was easy to max--then it was back to sticking things in taxable.

GFY with the trust fund baby BS. My folks are still working their blue collar jobs well into their 70s.


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There is no closed season for coyote, so in reality you have 365 days to hunt them.

I hear shooting all the time. It's great. Sometimes it's hunting, sometimes it's the nearby range, sometimes it's my neighbors, and sometimes it's me. My neighbors and I usually do the late morning/early afternoon timeblock.


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Looks like it was pretty much unanimously squashed.

Committee report 20-0 ITL

From the 16 March calendar:
HB 277, relative to patients’ right to sterilization treatment. INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE. Rep. Erica Layon for Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs. The committee agreed that adult women should not be denied sterilization on the grounds that the doctor knew better than the woman that she would want children in the future. This is all too common and a problem that must be addressed, however the members of the committee opposed this bill for various reasons. Some objected to mandating insurance coverage of a procedure in the patient’s bill of rights. Others objected to adding individual procedures to the intentionally broad patient’s bill of rights. Others were concerned that a surgeon’s right of conscience could be put at risk, and that language to address this shortcoming would make the bill useless. Due to these numerous concerns, the committee would welcome a new approach to this pressing concern. Vote 20-0.

Tabled via a vote of 367-8 on 2/23/2023

It's not dead-yet, but it might as well be. The gist I'm getting is it was a poorly written bill. You can likely find the committee hearing online as well as the session. Key dates to look for would be in the link below. Seems like a lot of information came up in the hearing to lead to the various opinion in the executive session on that bill.



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There was a little restaurant downtown that used to have French printed menus for folks from the nearby elder home. I also seem to remember that if there were dual language items in a store it would be english/french instead of the more common english/spanish.

This was of course 20+ years ago and that was really the only evidence at the time other than some decidedly french sounding last names.


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My Platinum 30 SHO is 3" from the center of bolt to the center of bolt. I ordered the ASE0310-B and spacers.

The chart says do not use for ordering which I find kind of amusing, but it makes sense as I doubt the dude would have a gazillion blowers on site.

Good info on measuring and when you scroll down it has the corresponding part numbers:


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Which can be removed via amendment in the Senate. Then the Senate votes on it. If it passes, it goes back to the House for concurrence on the Senate's amendment, and then on to the Governor.

This shoot for the moon trend on some bills is annoying. I saw a decent solar bill get killed today because some junior rep tried to increase solar use by 1170% for the next gabillion years. Little bights get the ball to the end zone overthrowing the receiver does not. *forgive my extremely shitty football analogy.


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Everyone talking about it dying in the Senate clearly hasn't paid attention to the last couple of years and the current makeup of the Senate.

The prime sponsor of the legalization bill(HB1598) which was killed last year is Daryl Abbas. He is now a Senator.

Also voting Yea in the House last year on HB1598 was Tim Lang and Howard Pearl. Guess what, they are Senators this year as well.

There is support in the Senate for legalization.


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My snowblower digs up the dirt and gravel because it is uneven. Yesterday, I was surprised I didn't break a shear pin. This is even with the scraper set up at 3/4".

I have the armor skids from snowblower skids on my Ariens Platinum 30 SHO. Mounted with the wide tip forward, the skids won't dig in. You'll need the spacers to bring it out over the hump on the side of the blower bucket. The ordering page isn't the best, so you'll have to figure out which model matches your blower.