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I've taken the class 6 times. 3 times when I was younger and into street racing, 1 retake because I "fell asleep" (according to the proctor), and twice because of a fuck show error like yours. The suspensions and being assigned the class are automatic. As far as I can tell from the nightmare I went through the last time, there's zero avenues to appeal it. Maybe you could get a lawyer and sue the state about it, but good luck with that.

The class sucks. It's a glorious waste of time and they run them with an iron fist. I've seen people be thrown out without warning for "having an attitude", blinking too long, going to the bathroom too many times, coming back from lunch 2 minutes late.. it's actually insane.

I don't envy you. But you're likely going to have to take them all. Also if someone runs your plates either manually, or with an automatic scanner, and they see it's registered to someone with a suspended license, they'll pull you over. Just something to keep in mind if you're thinking about how long you can roll the dice and keep driving.


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I'd be surprised if they have to tear up the walkway. Or really anything. The line they're going to run is very small so they shouldn't have to do a whole lot and it can be ran under the walkway without a lot of hassle. You're house is still probably on some list saying you have Comcast equipment like an ONT in it, even though you're not a customer.

I'd be annoyed too, but it's likely just a case of poorly updated databases. There's probably still Comcast service off the main line at the street so they think it has to be updated with everything else.


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You can likely call them and just say you don't want it. But if you deny it now and ever want to switch to their internet, you'll have to pay a hefty sum out of pocket to get connected. Could be an issue for you down the road if you want to sell. Running fiber isn't like laying something like a water or sewer main, it shouldn't require them tearing up a large portion of your lawn. Usually just a small cut that can be covered/hidden again pretty easily.


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Nut dust can float impressively far. But you need to be on the extreme end of nut allergy for that to be a risk. There's tons of published research about it and the risk is SUPER small. Most people with nut allergies just have PTSD and are overly cautious. Which isn't a bad thing as long as they're not letting it ruin their lives or using it as an excuse to make other people miserable (like pushing to ban pb&j in schools 😒)


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You have asthma. You need to be on inhalers. Or one day, you could end up dead. I have three inhalers. I don't like it. But it's what I need to maintain a fulfilling life without having to worry about restricting my activities to what is safe for my lungs.


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People are allergic to proteins in the plants that get distributed through the air. They are not allergic to the smell of the plants. Your friend isn't allergic to the smell of tree nuts. She's allergic to proteins in the tree nut dust. The molecules that make up scents are too small to carry proteins. Marijuana allergies are real, but unless you're trapped in a room with someone smoking, you eat it, or you rub the flower all over your skin, you're not going to trigger that allergy.

Smoke irritating your lungs when you have asthma isn't an allergy. Smoke is an irritant, not an allergen. And sitting next to a campfire is exposing yourself to several magnitudes higher concentration of smoke than walking through an area where someone smoked some weed.

It sounds like you have really poorly controlled asthma and you need to be on better maintenance inhalers. The hives is likely you having a panic attack worrying about your asthma and being triggered by the scent of weed.

You need a therapist and a pulmonologist.

You're not going to outrun the smell of weed in any major city in a country that is on track to full legalization.


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The "smell" of marijuana smoke isn't going to cause an allergic reaction. Scents don't contain proteins and proteins are what you're actually allergic to. If you're allergic to apples, and you smell an apple, you're not going to have a reaction regardless of how bad your allergy is. On top of that, smoke, marijuana, cigarettes, or campfire, also have no proteins in it, so you're not having an allergic reaction from the smoke. Especially if you're outdoors where it's heavily diluted in the air. If merely smelling weed is causing that kind of reaction, you need a therapist, not an allergist.


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One machine handles all of those steps in the mailing process. (Well multiple machines because of the volume). But the interface that connects them to the computer system also handles things like posting them in electronic format. Both systems are there and running whether you use them or not.

And they don't pay for stamps. They get a primo bulk rate that is probably cheaper than the bulk non-profit rate (which is something like $0.14)


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Even if you have an old mercury switch thermostat, it's still really easy to swap. And if you break the old thermostat, they're really cheap. I kept my old one and it's just sitting in the pantry in a box with the locks in switched out for August Locks, and the original door bell I swapped lol.

You can't make zone control where it doesn't already exist without a bunch of work that your landlord would absolutely need to handle. But Nest has wireless temp sensors you can put in a room and I believe set your temp off that specific sensor.

If your landlord isn't garbage they'd likely do it for you. Mine offered but I didn't want to waste his time.


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I'd keep it colder at night but we have baseboard in our attic. It looks like it was finished at one point probably 50 years ago but since then it's just become a regular attic with minimal insulation. I don't want it getting too cold and having the pipes freeze. Also like I said, my house is super drafty haha.