Deformero t1_ivnzkww wrote

That sounds like a hell to me. You would live in immersive video game and connect your body to a machine that feeds you and cleans your shit and urine? For what? To become voluntairy matrix battery?

Why not implementing AR instead so you can at least move?


Deformero t1_iulbf7y wrote

I can see your point and I believe you are right. But everyone is aware that blocking AI development is really only deminishing its own development and alowing competittion to grow out of scale. There will always be some communities that like their way of life and want to be left alone and thats OK. I dont think Amishes are threat to anyone, neither are those "backward philosofers" you find annoying. Just relax and enjoy the show.


Deformero t1_ir9c7zb wrote

Yeah, it sounds great and looks like it might be true, but it also might never happen as it sure collides with a lot of interests in several (if not all) fields.

I mean, what if Google (for now it seems that they are the only one with data and resources to make something as advanced) keeps it for themselves and give average user just crumbs of advanced AI functionalities as some subscription plan. Their AI model is their AI model.