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This is a great reminder of general maintenance on your vacuum cleaners. A few years back I bought a dyson ball vacuum (animal edition) from a guy who helps run a small colleges Eco-Hotel. Off grid, in the woods, pet friendly kinda place. He was selling an almost $450 vacuum for $60 because it turned on but didn't suck anything up anymore. Dyson vacuums don't lose suction so I knew something was wrong with the tubes that move dirt from the brush head to the canister. His advice was to part it out and sell the parts at a profit. I took it home and in 10 minutes using a bent coat hangar, I cleaned out 3 giant pet hair balls/plugs out of the tubes and the vacuum worked like new. I still have it and it still works great. clean your vacuums out!!!


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The Dove and Axe comparison here (both owned by Unilever) reminds me of something I was irritated about in a marketing class in college. Dove had just started the 'Campaign for Real Beauty' showing women of natural body shapes and sizes and I brought up How shallow and dishonest this fascade from Unilever was when on a different commercial break the same company under the Axe brand had deeply misogynistic commercials of skinny models throwing themselves like cheap floozies at average men who wore the Axe brand of shitty mens fragrance. Theres no core values when you sell out your own corporate slogans for a profit.