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Is it an automatic fire alarm? Yeah, those are really routine. you know what gets blood pumping? When you get dispatched for an AFA and then you get 2 follow on-calls for a fire at the location.

That's the shit.


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Hahaha. This is funny. I didn't realize you worked for the Department of Planning. I'll rephrase.

"There a number of quality hotels at various price points located east of Mr. Trash Wheel and west of Ann St and all south of Pratt St."


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I didn't realize you were serious, sorry. No, its absolutely not worth it. Full Stop.

This method only works if the only goal is to prevent shootings at one corner. I will say it might not work. Some cops have experiences witnessing gunfire from a car or person within 200 feet of them, so not everyone is deterred. But again, this approach is only hopefully deterring this crime at one small location. Then there's the question, what makes this one corner more deserving than entire neighborhoods EOTR?

But saturation is not sustainable, and it doesn't stop the violence usually, it just moves it or maybe hopefully delays it. This is actually more complicated than you think.


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Ah, okay. So I put 5 cops there around the clock. They're on overtime right? And that's going to be forced overtime I'm thinking. Otherwise I'm taking 5 cars out of service a shift.

You are right that this is will stop the shootings on the southwest corner of 14th and V. But what happens when they move to 14th and W. Do I hold V St and add four cops up there? Or do I move them?