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Dang. I'm a renter, and the owner-landlord was difficult to work with last year when the same PTAC unit stopped blowing cold air on cool mode. Knowing the units are original 15+ years old, I suggested replacing them and he nearly blew up at me! I hardly ever contact him these days, and it's been months since we've communicated, aside from sending monthly rent checks.

So, last June, first tech came and recommended replacing compressor ($1000+), but second tech came and said all it needed was a new condenser coil ($100-$200), and that worked.


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Hoboken Shop Rite for delivery. FME they tend to have better stock than Metro Plaza when I've ordered delivery or pickup. Metro Plaza will be like "sorry, we don't have this" and not offer a substitute while Hoboken seems more conscientious.

Delivery fee is like $13 so make to wait until you need a big haul to make it worth it.