Delicious_One_7887 t1_j5xvhfg wrote

Yes that would be great. All iPhone users will have no youtube, no google search, no google maps and absolutely nothing with the word google in it. Safari will block and YouTube or anything owned by google and chrome will be removed and all the browsers will have to block and any site owned by google. Apple will be checking your phone every time and if they see the word google or YouTube in any part of your phone, they will delete that. If you send your phone in to apple, they will refuse if your phone ever had google software on it and tell you to get a life. Any picture with the word google will be deleted. If your phone detects a android nearby, it will shut itself off and then the screen will flash. If the camera detects the word google, your camera will be permanently blocked or if you film off the YouTube website, your phone will permanently shut off. No tracking, except by apple because they need to detect if your phone has the word google on it. Also, I don’t use an iPhone, I only use an iPad. Long switched from iPhone. I also wanna tell you that apple will lose their 8 million terabytes of iCloud storage because oh gosh it’s on google servers. Live without iMessage, iCloud, safari, google search, and literally all apple and google services. Hard? Well that’s the future you want so fuck you.