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Amateur hour here. Build a workspace - cooking supplies and mini fridge to your left, hot plate on table to your left, eating surface in front, two sinks and mini dishwasher to your right. Luckily your seat is a toilet. All done? Recline that bad boy and take a nap. Literally rinse and repeat.


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It can often function a bit like an AA vs a Bachelor's degree - where after so many credits you can 'apply' for the AA.

In a doctorate program you usually have 2-3 years of coursework followed by a dissertation, which can take one to forever years. At least in my program at the University of Florida you could apply for the masters if you've completed the coursework. Often times, graduate programs that end with a masters degree are geared towards a specific vocation or profession, such as a MBA for business. In political science, the masters/grad programs were geared toward students wanting to enter something like public policy instead of academia/research.


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Headline basically reads 'Humble people show more humility, which sometimes improves team performance and sometimes, does not'.

Appointing a balloon as CEO can improve team performance, in the right circumstances.


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I don't think 'everyone' will be exposed to gun violence but saying that you won't unless you're around gangs or have one yourself is incredibly naive.

Personally, I'm early 40s, never owned or wanted to own a firearm or have been involved in 'gangs'. In the last 20 years I've been at a bar where two guys came in with guns and started firing, been mugged at gun point a block away from the University of Florida, been blocks away from a mass shooting (Madden one), and been in an area where guys in truck drove by and shot out the windows of closed businesses. I hope most people don't experience gun violence but it's can certainly find you in all sorts of circumstances.