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I am currently on the construction team for the State Prison and the NH Mental Hospital. I am in these facilities daily updating infrastructure to modern day standards with future proofing in mind. Special Patient Unit will be added to the mental hospital within the next two years. This will be appropriate housing for the criminally convicted insane which frees up resources at the prisons and opens more beds for the mentally ill at the appropriate state hospital facilities. Most of the beds at normal hospital psychiatric units are being taken by inmates who cannot be helped within the prisons. The hospitals therefore cannot take in average person having a mental health crisis who need care for over a couple days. Soon there will be changes!


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99% of the time the danger isn't you but the other people on the road. All of the actually stupid people show themselves on 89 on a snowy day. You could have the best snow vehicle ever. A semi truck with Arizona plates going too fast will automatically target the people not struggling and will crash into them for literally braindead reasons. If there was nobody else on the road with you it wouldn't be as bad. It's like people change to drift tires the moment they hit the onramp.