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I have a whole family. It's not different.

I stopped ordering take out and started doing pick up only. Then all the crazy dine-in fees and tip culture creeped into pickup orders, so we just cook at home now. We make it part of family time. Having a family in this area is mind-numbingly expensive. Daycare costs are insane. Food costs are going up so fast. As a single person, I wouldn't have noticed a 10-20% difference in my food budget. But feeding a family of 4, plus occasional in-laws/guests, the increases really take a toll on the budget.

So no more restaurants for me for a few years, I guess.


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Same thing everyone else has said: no ranges in DC proper. Get a rental car and head to VA. Avoid the NRA range. It's nice but the staff and attendees are douches. Finding full auto is going to be very hard in the DMV. You're not going to have a range that supports "sniper rifles" that's accessible to you. Most local ranges are 25-50 yards. Also, anyone local that has full-auto isn't allowed to let others shoot it under supervision anymore because the ATF just changed their stance without any warning, yet again.


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I'm just going to ask because I've had friends who wanted a whole cow for the first time, only to realize just how much meat a whole cow is:
You have a separate deep freezer for storage, right?


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I almost got t-boned today by someone running a red-light a full 3 seconds after my light had turned green. I hesitated a bit and didn't pull immediately out when the light turned, and that's the only reason my drivers side door didn't get impaled by a car going ~40-50 in a 25.

I mean, seriously, any other day and I pull immediately out of that light. I don't think I would have survived that crash, as fast as the car was going. Just today, for no reason at all, I hesitated for a small eternity, and it saved my life.


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It all happened across the street from the pitbull's house. I didn't see what happened but my assumption is that the dog wasn't being walked off leash. I assume, best case, that the dog bolted through an open door. That would explain the slow reaction time by the owners, at least. For all I know, she was upstairs, a kid opened the door without paying attention, and the dog bolted.

I'm frustrated that it happened, but I'm trying to be as fair as I can in acknowledging accidents happen, especially with kids.

I don't know how the dog is doing. I gave them a ride to get them away from the dog right after it happened, and when they got out, my seat was covered in piss and blood. The whole ride, the little dog was there just locking the air, trying to kiss me I guess in a state of submissive panic/shock. The entire back leg was in the dog's mouth for a minute or longer. It felt like an eternity. I just assume, based on the circumstances, that the leg is shattered.


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The 10mph is your "grace period" for contesting to account for camera error, accidentally speeding up during lane changes, etc. 11mph just pay it.

It sucks, but that's the whole point. It's supposed to suck to keep you from doing it again.


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I saw a pitbull run across the street in front of my vehicle to chase a tiny dog. The tiny dogs owner picked her dog up and luckily was tall enough that she could keep it out of reach of the pitbull that was jumping up and chomping. The missed chomps sounded exaggerated like a cartoon.

I just stopped my vehicle in the middle of the street, left the door open, and ran over to help. But I mean, what can you really do? This pitbull had to have been every bit of 70 pounds. I kept kneeing the pitbull midair when hed jump to keep him off of her, but both the woman and the pitbull kept turning in fast circles. I tried to grab his collar a few times, but it was just too hectic with the circling, and then it dawned on me that a stranger grabbing an aggressive dog by the collar is probably a bad idea.

The owner and her roughly preteen/young teenage children came over and were absolutely no help -- and they didnt exactly sprint over either. I kept yelling "Grab your dog", and she argued it was her husband's dog, not hers -- like anyone in the world cared about their obvious marital problems at that moment. The young girl kept apologizing and saying "oh my god" and the boy started circling, following the dog.

You'd think the boy would have been more helpful, but he wasn't. He'd half heartedly try to get the dog between jumps, but he mostly just got in my way where I couldn't knee the dog anymore. I think he just didnt know how serious the situation was or how to react. He's a kid, and reacted like a kid, and thats normal and I dont blame him. Then the mother/owner started circling the small-dog-owner, following the pitbull, and bumping into the son, which pushed me to the outside of the "crowd", and it just descended into uncoordinated chaos.

But me kneeing the pitbull as it jumped was what was keeping him away from the small dog. When i got pushed out, that's when the pitbull jumped and sank his teeth into the small dog. The shrieks were indescribable.

My adrenaline spiked and I started punching the pitbull over top of everyone. The pitbull was dangling midair, holding onto the screeching dog, and the woman was holding both dogs in the air screaming for help. Most of my hits weren't landing just because of everyone in the way, but then I got an opening and landed a haymaker on this dog's jaw; and I saw it close his eye and open it looking directly at me. This dog looked at me the way Thanos looked at the Hulk. My world shrank. It let go of the small dog, I think to try to bite me, and that's when the boy pulled him away and wrestled him on the ground.

So today I'm just so frustrated for multiple reasons. One, and least importantly, this dog ate my punch like I was nothing, so my fragile male ego is shattered. Two, I still have no idea what level of violence is the appropriate response? I don't know these people. It's not my dog. I don't even know the neighborhood I was in. I was just suddenly thrust into a situation. I don't know what I could have done differently but I'm so frustrated in knowing my response just wasn't enough. But if I would have done more and the pitbull would have attacked me, then I'd be in a probably life or death situation where I'd be "trying" to kill the dog before he kills me.

Three, I've never been an anti-pitbull person; I love big dogs; I have a big dog. But holy fuck. I just can't describe the way the muscles in this dogs jaws looked as it bit down. I feel guilty for constantly thinking "why are these dogs allowed". And by the look of the pitbull, I mean it was just another Monday.

Four, I'm so fucking frustrated at the woman who owns the pitbull for just being trash, and using the temperament of the pitbull as some kind of "dig" against her husband instead of helping or doing more. I feel so bad for her kids.

TL;DR: Saw a pitbull attack a dog. At the time I felt there was nothing I could do to help. And the owner is trash.