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This is a change that was made like 2-3 years ago because the majority of people said they weren’t part of a religion anymore. I was talking about the theological meaning of “no value” aka. You died, your soul is gone, your body has no emotional or physical value anymore :-)

That’s the only reason, not because of monetary reasons and you don’t want to know how many people break that law live on TV


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In my language we have two words, one is “Remains” and the other is roughly translated to “Surplus” but can translate it to “human cadaver” too.

The government and news agencies aren’t allowed to be use the word “Cadaver” anymore because that would mean that there’s nothing of value anymore. Some people instead think that even if the soul has left the body, that said body still holds value.

In this case, I can kind of understand what they are trying to accomplish.

Your point about stolen artifacts is valid too, though there can also be valid reasons for not returning the artifacts. Like, for example the museological standards are way lower in said nation, meaning that most artifacts won’t be there in 100 years anymore.

Most reasons are bullshit, of course, not going to lie


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Heck, these assholes bought the drilling rights for every piece of Antartica and the north pole where the snow would melt the soonest. Meaning “more oil”

How about just banning all oil and coal usage in 10 years? People will adapt. Just kill the industry in a single blow, with no-one giving a single damn afterwards


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Yeah, you know why? Because what if they WERE busy helping someone in that ambulance? What would’ve happened then? I don’t think the woman would have reacted any differently.

And that’s also the point I want to make here. I read the article and the best thing? The woman has her account to private now. Says enough, doesn’t it?

How would you have reacted if you were driving with your bike?


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That they have closed doors and being stationary says nothing. They could’ve also treated someone inside of the ambulance.

I don't really care what the article says; I just picture the situation. But that's just me, who has been in situations like this and know how annoying it can be if people bother you whilst you ARE in an active emergency because they feel entitled or can't take a single second to think "Hey, maybe they ARE trying to save a live, maybe not, but this isn't the time or place for me to start an argument"


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Counterpoint: How do I know if they are in an active emergency? I don't. They are EMS; their job is saving lives (and it's probably more important than yours), so who cares if they park incorrectly?

I understand that the US is different in that regard, but where I live you go around them, see the sidewalk? You can get off your bike and walk 10 meters as well, look behind you, is there a car coming? No? You go around them. It's really not that difficult.

IMAGINE, JUST IMAGINE laying in that ambulance with a heart attack, and some woman starts screaming at the medical personnel who help you that they have to move the ambulance because she doesn't want to walk 10 meters.

I used to assist EMTs and I really didn't give a single where I parked my car if I was called up, because I had to go and save a life. If I could get somewhere a single second earlier than so be. That isn't my problem at that point


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That the NKs didn’t find use for the industrial equipment surprises me.

Flipside, yeah, this is pretty funny; on one hand no-one knew that they were this down the drain. On the other… The signals were there from the start


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Like, a good example would be about the Yakuza in the early to mid 90’s. The journalism was there, it just wasn’t published because A) everyone was afraid of them and B) they lined everyone’s pockets not to write about what they did.

Good journalism isn’t propaganda, that isn’t journalism. Every idiot with a typewriter can make propaganda

Flipside, most news has to be sexy now because of social media. Every time there’s a mass shooting somewhere you read the last messages or see a video victims sent to their loved ones, it’s insane. I personally try to only consume text only news nowadays because of that


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Okay, true, he didn’t steal them, he just made them public… big difference, but the point I tried to make stays the same

Even for journalists what rakes in the clicks is important, you saw that with the Yakuza coverage in the early-mid 90’s in Japan. Papers didn’t cover them because the Yakuza gave them a lot of money. Same everywhere else, the news also caters to their demographics.


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How is this not the onion? This seems to be a serious concern.

Yes, he stole top secret documents, but because of him, journalism was done. If he gets prosecuted, the US can just call every journalist a spy who looks dirty at the government.

And the best thing is? He ain’t even American, meaning the US can literally take everyone in the world because they see fit. It’s not about guilt or what he did, it’s about the president it sets