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I do know that. My thinking was more: if someone could use a couch and doesn’t mind patching it in two places, it’s perfectly fine, especially if you’ve got no place else to sit. But if that’s the general idea - that something is more useful in a landfill - then we are more than ready to chuck it.


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Wow, lovely opinion you’ve got there. For the record, we’re perfectly willing to chuck it and got quotes for disposal, but given it’s structurally sound, wanted to see if doing a mitzvah was an option. I see that strains credibility for you and I’m sorry about that.


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To each their own. I like Zoolights because it’s fun to walk around in the cold, drink some warm alcoholic beverage, and socialize with the people with whom I attend. Also, it’s free.

I’ve always found going out on New Year’s Eve a subpar experience, but I get why other folks enjoy it. I think a lot of bridge and tunnel folk get scammed with the big NYE parties downtown, though, which sucks.


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These stories just make you despair of humanity.

My friend’s much-loved young son died in his sleep last week and his memorial was one of the most wrenching events I’ve ever attended; tiny coffin, everyone sobbing. I just cannot imagine what would drive someone to physically abuse and essentially kill a baby.