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Quite funny she failed the audition to be his girlfriend in the office. Ricky gervais would mention Martin and her occasionally on his xfm radio showcase they used to socialize together. Bet that was awkward

But this is a nothing headline isn't it? It's very different nepo baby issues.

Matthew McFadden and Keeley Hawes just played a husband and wife in a itv series about a real MP who faked his death. That must have been weird to play and then go home together!


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Yeah it's already got pretty good crowds on a world level too. Obviously it's got over 100 years of history to overcome with the big leagues. The next step is for it to sign south American prospects before they go to Europe to make big money on transfers. That final the other day was all over Twitter in the UK as it was a crazy game. There's potential there.


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Depends. 250 million a year isn't huge compared to the premier league global rights but behind the premier league, la Liga, Seria A and PSG Qatari money it'll start to make it a decent option for many. With the south American and Mexican talent plus home grown stuff and the occasional big name on one last pay day the league will keep improving.