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I'm not trying to troll here, no.

I think you're right about it being mainly a far-left thing. The problem is it being exclusively an LGBT space. That sort of attitude built into a forum leads to an echo chamber gradually developing, and that sort of structure will radicalize over time. I believe it leads to exclusively LGBT spaces tending towards discrimination over time, not because of the LGBT, but because of the exclusivity.

The same thing happens in all sorts of forums. Misandry and anti-white racism are just the forms the most common ideas of the left take when meme theory radicalizes them, and LGBT people tend towards the left for obvious reasons.


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I'd expand that to just anything LGBT. The exclusively LGBT spaces tend to turn into toxic cesspools of racism and misandry. They are...very exclusive, definitely not inclusive. The Newspeak runs rampant, and anything they don't like just gets reduced to a "bad take".


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I always go with descriptive grammar with things like this. Language is just a way to group ideas to communicate them more efficiently. The way we need to do this is context-dependant; a botanist doesn't care much how things taste, and a chef doesn't care much how things reproduce. Thus, they use different language, and that's good.