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> Right, and the barriers around gas pumps are a requirement, per code.

I'm talking about the barriers in front of the all-glass walls of most gas stations. ([Example]( Notice the red bollards in front of the store) I've seen drunk people run right into them before. Usually slow enough that the damage was minor or not visible at all. But it's a glass wall that wasn't shattered that night.

The purpose of them is to reduce the damage that is caused by accidents. Bumping one of those might be as simple as just a scratch on your car, while that same bump will shatter a glass wall which can be very dangerous.

Likewise, the reason there is a code requiring them in some situations is to reduce the danger that accidents might cause. That's why they are required around gas pumps, to reduce the likelihood that a simple accident such as mistaking the gas pedal for the brake pedal will cause a very dangerous situation like a large uncontrollable fire.

It's not very farfetched at all to think that another situation where code requires these are around tall glass walls.


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> but sounds like an accident.

I think ambulance chasing lawyers are bullshit, I really do. But such barriers are largely there to reduce the harm accidents cause.

The barriers in front of gas stations aren't there to prevent lunatics hellbent on malice, it's there to prevent drunk drivers from accidentally "parking too close". The hope is that only the dumbass's truck gets hurt, not the store.


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> 4% of yearly revenue is the maximum fine Europe can impose.

This means, anything that is "not legal" in Europe must now increase revenue by 5% or more to get a green light at the company.

I'm glad that they had the corporate interests in mind when setting that cap at 4%. Wouldn't want to hurt a company for doing wrong, would you?


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"I can speak intelligently about one small aspect of security that I have first-hand experience with" was somehow interpreted by you as, and I quote you directly: "I know everything about their security"

Lol, okay bud. You keep living in the world where US military bases can't figure out how to keep drones out of their airspace.


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It is a perfectly comparable scenario. My Honda Civic already has a sense of its surroundings, and it's not "self driving" at all. It knows when I'm swaying out of the lane, it knows when I need to slam on the brakes. And that sense will only improve as we do take the step into full automation.

Cars that are using signals from the street won't ever be only relying on those signals, they'll be relying on visual and audio (sonar/ultrasonic range finding) methods as well.