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Google has employees that are completely remote, and their hybrid model has them in-office 2 days a week on average. I interviewed with them this month and a recruiter told me this around the start of the year.

I am confused by the idea of them needing to maximize office space though. With 12,000 layoffs, and remote/hybrid workers, they have to have less workers in the office than they've had in years.


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I have bookmarks in like a dozen books right now. I can read parts of 8-10 books in a week. That's probably more than I should. But, I do it. I used to think I was crazy for doing this. But, I recently saw a youtuber say this is actually a good strategy to always be reading. If you stick to one book, you may have a day where you aren't in the mood for said book. We don't force ourselves to only watch one genre of TV, or only listen to one genre of music at a time.

Having several books going at once, means you should always have one you'll be in the mood to open at some point in the day.


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I guess that's fair. I would argue for Reagan, but that could be recency bias. It's hard for me to objectively judge a presidency from so long ago.

I don't think you can make the case for anyone worse than Reagan from WWII on though.


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Idk, Bush called Reagan's infamously bad fiscal policy "voodoo economics". I think I'd take Bush over Reagan. Bush was bad, but I still believe Reagan had the most damaging presidency in US history. I think without Reagan, you never get Trump.


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To make it worse, I own 2 books written by the comedian, and that isn't even all of them. Also, Sir Winston Churchill ended up winning a nobel prize for his writing. I don't even think most people know he was an author.