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If I had my druthers, I'd live somewhere North of Riddell Rd. and generally along or East of Central Valley Rd. (Links go to Google Maps.) That's basically the East side of Silverdale and a bit of the North end of Bremerton. It's about as central as you can get in Kitsap County without living in the dense(er) core of Silverdale.

There's quite a bit of older neighborhoods in that area, and some "country (ish)" areas without being out in the actual boondocks.

Whether you'd want to live there rather than Port Orchard really depends on where you'll be working. You really don't want to go through Gorst on a regular basis if you can avoid it, especially during rush hour. It gets pretty nasty through there, and there's a blocking accident every month or so it seems.


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>mainly want to find a good place for the kids to play without people zooming by side streets going 40mph like here in FL.

You'll find those here in Kitsap too, it just depends on exactly where you live... Kitsap and the peninsula in general have everything from dense generic suburbia to deep woods and almost everything else in between.


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My standard is that of what I experienced growing up in Jacksonville (FL) in the 70's... When you could go down to Mayport and find fish markets and restaurants run by the folks who owned the boats (or their relatives) or folks that bought straight from the boats. That's not really what you'll find here. (And by and large it's not what you'll find there anymore either.)

Seafood is a big deal at upper end places... But there's pretty much no crab or shrimp shacks. Chain groceries are of course chain groceries.

Yes, Silverdale is North of Bremerton, and it's kind of the ideal place to live in the county in terms of access to places things.


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I didn't say it "wasn't a thing", I said it wasn't a big deal. And it isn't.

And yes, vast quantities of seafood flows *through* Washington. Very, very little of it *stays* here. And of what does stay here and is served here, the vast majority of it isn't fresh caught - it's flash frozen just like it is everywhere else. I mean, where do you think Ivar's get the salmon that's on today's menu?


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If you want access to what passes for a food scene here in Kitsap County, Port Orchard is precisely the worst place to be. You'll want to be in Bremerton or north of Bremerton. But the reality is, if you're looking for a food scene, Kitsap County isn't where you want to live. It's a semi-rural/small town [city] area.

But there is some stuff, and you can hit up r/kitsap for more details. I also recommend Kitsap County Dining and Restaurants of Kitsap County on Facebook.

And no, seafood isn't a big deal here. The Seattle/Tacoma area is hundreds of miles from the ocean and there aren't really aren't any local fishermen left.


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Elma isn't a bad choice - an easy day trip to Ocean Shores, and a quick run in to Olympia when you need more shopping than a small town can provide. With the exception of Monroe, that's the big problem with most of the towns people are talking about... They're small towns with all that implies, and not all near enough to a decent sized city.


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Yeah, they're "running" every day - when they don't bang into something or break down or suffer some other kind of problem. Which happens all too often. (Shit like cancelling the last two Bremerton runs, which happened last night.)

I'm guessing you and the folks who downvoted me don't live where they're dependent on the ferry and don't pay attention.


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They may have a hard time selling it if their illegal construction gets pinged by the building inspector. (Never buy a house without a formal inspection folks!) They may be liable if their illegal construction causes problems (such as electrical or plumbing).

That being said, and I mean this in the kindest way, this is on them - not you.


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>The problem is, no matter where they decide to put it, all the places they want to, have narrow country roads that are entirely incapable of handling urbanized traffic.

Because, of course, it would never occur to anyone to build out transportation infrastructure to support the new airport.


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>The game will for the most part probably be in the wilderness/backroads and small towns.

The small towns won't necessarily really be "small towns" though... Pretty much everything in that area is to some degree or another a bedroom community. Northern Pierce/Southern King isn't some isolated area, it's right on the edge of the extended Seattle-Tacoma conurbation.

So they aren't "country communities".


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When it comes to tax questions, always consult a tax professional. (Which the folks at H&R Block, Liberty Taxes, and other tax mills aren't.) Never rely on randos on the 'net.