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I'd much rather the city pay police overtime to police, not stand next to an Eversource truck browsing instagram. I get it and I 100% do not blame BPD officers for taking advantage of that- I would too. but there are legitimate problems that need to be solved in the city. Traffic is a disaster and the murder rate is double what it was last YTD, to name a few.


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As I understand you do not need to put rent in escrow in MA.

OP /u/hhh347, I would write to your landlord and let them know that under Mass law you’re legally allowed to use up to four months of rent payments to make reasonable repairs and that you intend to due so if they don’t respond within 5 days and that you’ve contacted the Board of Health and they’re coming to inspect(even if they aren’t)

Stuff like this is garbage.

Tweet at Michelle Wu, Tweet pics at Universal Hub, tweet pics at Only In Boston. Force their hand.


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> 2 hours early and you'll be sitting at the gate for 90 minutes.

Yep, which may not be a bad thing if you have lounge access and like free beer.

My wife and I live next to the entrance of the sneaky separated "Express to Airport" part of the Pike and we average around 25 minutes Condo-to-Lounge.

So calling uber, getting in uber, getting to airport, through clear and pre-check and to the Lounge in 25 minutes on average.


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You're right, it doesn't- but it shouldn't have to be a incredible hoop to have to jump through either. Also acohol is a great way for an otherwise low margin business to make a great margin. Want to open up a board game place? Cool, do it downtown and sell a few beers on tap to make some margin.


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> slight risk of getting snowed in the whole time

Counterpoint, may also have the slight possibility of walking around Boston post-snow-storm where there are little to no cars on the road and the city is quiet due to that and the snow absorbing sound. People skiing in the streets, snowball fights on the common, popping into the bars that are open.

Boston post-snow-storm is the best.