DerpolIus t1_j5r6yxh wrote

Anyone who willingly steals from another has to be at least dimly aware of the possibility of death. A theft might cost someone their livelihood, and I won’t disparage anyone who defends that. Harming the perpetrator is not something I’m against.

That being said, this case isn’t a good example of that. You’re right in that deadly force shouldn’t be used in a situation where you’re not being actively threatened, and definitely shouldn’t be used in a pursuit like this guy did. If weapons were drawn I’d disagree with you, but after reading the article, I take back my kneejerk reaction.


DerpolIus t1_j5qj9s7 wrote

Ok. How? How do we address poverty? And what do we do in the meantime while it’s being addressed? What do we say to the people who have to live this reality every day? That their solution is a decade out and they just have to suck it up until then? It’s a noble idea and one that we should be working towards now, but it does nothing to help people in a timely manner.


DerpolIus t1_j5qilmi wrote

Do you think people just have infinite resources to replace everything that’s stolen time and time again? Break ins are expensive to fix, and that could be the difference between having enough to eat and going to bed hungry. It must be very nice to be so privileged that you’ve never had to consider this. Fuck off and go back to your gated community.