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I've been to Amity for 2 different body parts, years apart. My husband's been to PTSMC on and off over the years. The 2 PTs I saw at Amity for issue 1 left for other jobs at almost the same time right before I was through with treatment, which was a little bizarre. Issue 2 I saw one of the owners, who knows his stuff. I've heard from other past patients that Amity seems to churn through new grads. OTOH my husband's 1st PT at PTSMC only stayed a few years too.

Both Amity and PTSMC are run the same way--where you see the PT for a chunk of your session, and then the PTAs do everything else. If your A is in PT school and are working as an A for experience, then you might be OK. Most of those are good and take what they do seriously. If they are a career A, YMMV. Some are barely a step up from the people working the desk at the gym.

In my 2 different body part experiences at Amity, I saw the PTs longer than 10 mins but that's because I needed more involved treatment that the As couldn't touch.

Just my 5 cents lol. Good luck!


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Welcome! Just a heads up, no one says The before YNHH. It's Yale* or the hospital, since technically theres only 1 in New Haven now. Then you can go into details re which campus, which building.

See also our highways: just 95, 91, etc. The only The that's allowed is re: The Merritt or The Parkway (which are the same thing lol).

*yes just like the university but local context will fill in the blanks...very rarely have to ask "do you mean hospital or school?"


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Reply to Staycation by eggheadslut

Are you a Yale student? If not, go on the official tour.

New Haven museum

The church tour where you can see the underground graveyard

Lookout from top of East Rock


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Oh and if you move in the state!!!

You have to notify the registry within 48 hours (could be 72). NO JOKE.

Otherwise you lose your license and have to do it ALL again.

We were literally on the phone at 9:05 the day after we moved into a new house.


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Some towns have weird extra requirements, like letters from neighbors (or at least they used to). was talking to a guy who lives in Guilford: when he got his years and years ago (he's in his late 60s now), he had to talk to his neighbors. Ugh. Nope. I don't want anyone to know my business about anything.