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Down vote away poors. 50k if you are paying rent or a mortgage and have a car is barely getting by. It’s under $1000 a week pre-tax. So doing an average by month would be $4166 per-tax. Minus let’s say 18% or $750 for taxes effectively at the end of the year (obviously varies person to person based on deductions etc. leaves you with approximately $3416. $1500 for rent assuming you Got a good deal. $1916. Hopefully you didn’t overspend on a car but a below average payment would be $400 brings you to $1516. This is before any goodies like cellphone, streaming services, insurance, gas, food, Cable/internet, gym. Hopefully you are also saving at minimum 10% of your net but who knows.


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Uprises is trash the head of it is the liberal version of a crazy trump supporter. Spouts biased garbage daily with little credibility. Don’t try to setup a false comparison this isn’t uprise OR Sinclair. Both are garbage. I’ll go a step further and almost all media organizations are garbage. I’ll look at once I a while to see where media blind spots and coverage is that’s about it. If something is important I’ll eventually hear about it. Media is a virus.


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To back up a bit. Law and policy change or establishment of laws and policies is to tackle some problem or wrong. Example: people are upset other people take their belongings. Solution: create laws against theft and prosecute those that commit theft possible with restitution and punitive jail time etc. we don’t create laws without some form of end in mind.

With that said. Are you looking to stop violence and murder? Do you just not like guns? You said earlier “it would be a step in the right direction” what direction is that? What solution are you in theory stepping to?


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Let me ask you this before I respond further. “What are you trying to prevent/do/accomplish” then I can better address you. Basically what is your end game result that you want to see?


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We have better security at the Warwick mall than some schools. I vote to homeschool. The factory style school system of the 1800’s is not made to create bright creative adults. It is designed to create complacency and predictability and instill that in adults.