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>"Say we have ‘high-level machine intelligence’ when unaided machines can accomplish every task better and more cheaply than human workers. "

I think these experts are getting tripped up with things like human creativity (which requires human emotions).

"every task" is too strict. Should limit it to "majority" of human tasks.


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The paper:

The questions: "Our method is evaluated on the ScienceQA benchmark (Lu et al., 2022a). ScienceQA is the first large-scale multimodal science question dataset that annotates the answers with de- tailed lectures and explanations. It contains 21k multimodal multiple choice questions with rich domain diversity across 3 subjects, 26 topics, 127 categories, and 379 skills. The benchmark dataset is split into training, validation, and test splits with 12726, 4241, and 4241 examples, respectively."